Everything is Easier When You Think

Why do some people with talent achieve mediocre results while other less talented people are remarkable achievers? People that achieve their potential use their heads and they measure success by the difference they make! Yikes…aren’t we brain washed into thinking that success is defined by the money we make.  This is true for some people,…

From Relationships to Community

From Relationships to Community

In this presentation called, “From Relationships to Community”, e4e partner Bill Prenatt shares how discovering a passion for building relationships and growing businesses helped Bill Prenatt create e4e, a like-minded community…and how you can use his process in growing your own expert community and unique support system.

Do You Know Who You Are Working With

Do You Know Who You Are Working With?

In this presentation called “Do You Know Who You Are Working With?” e4e partner Ann Prenatt explains the importance of professional relationships and how they relate to success. She introduces three core principles of building positive relationships between coworkers and business partners.

Without Systems, Results Fall Short

Without Systems, Results Fall Short

Getting motivated is not enough. Behavior change is essential, including specific actionable changes in your business and human systems. Life and business are changing quickly and in ways that create gaps and challenges to overcome. In this presentation, sales and productivity expert Bill Prenatt describes how systems enable you to cultivate conditions needed to respond effectively to what’s most important to your business so you are proactive vs. reactive.

are you living your best story

Are You Living Your Best Story?

In this presentation called “Are You Living Your Best Story?,” e4e partners Bill Prenatt & Glenda Woolley discuss the personal and professional benefits of “intentional living”. The discussion is designed to help develop the motivated self-awareness and positive mindset necessary for living your best life.