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Here's a collection of real-life reviews and testimonials from clients who've seen dramatic improvement as a result of our services.

James K. Bahlinger, General Manager/COO, Meadowbrook Country Club
Meadowbrook Country Club

What a genius and thought-provoking concept. Our thanks to the Simply Successful team as we sincerely appreciate the great benefit in the Leadership Library. We have a comprehensive Leadership Team here at MCC that will fully recognize and appreciate this generous value and benefit.

Phil Cohen, Founder and President, Cohen Architectural Woodworking
Cohen Architectural Woodworking

We all sleep better at night. We take guilt free, uninterrupted vacations. We’ve secured relationships with large, excellent companies who bring us millions of dollars in sales each year. In 2011, when Bill started working with us, our revenue was $4.1 million, with 35 employees. 2015-2017, we have averaged $11.5 million with 80 employees. Our company has won numerous national and regional awards for the quality of our workmanship and company culture. I credit much of our success to Bill Prenatt.

Brian Quinn, Attorney at Law

I had no experience in the business world, and Bill assisted me with meeting the unique challenges I faced as the next generation just coming into a family business. He helped me grow from a young professional just coming into a business to a business owner and entrepreneur. He has a genuine passion for helping people, both professionally and personally. Ann has assisted my company with all aspects of HR as we have grown. Ann has been instrumental in helping me manage my workforce, train managers, and hire new employees as we have grown. Bill and Ann have become more than key advisors to me throughout this process, they have become good friends as well. I would not be the professional or person that I am today without the help of Bill and Ann Prenatt.

Stanley Allen, President, Allen Foods, Inc.
President, Allen Foods, Inc.

Bill’s vast knowledge played a huge role in the changes that took us from a very entrepreneurial company, to one that maintained the previous culture, yet was able to grow and expand with careful planning and targeting.  Bill grew our sales organization to in excess of 100 sales people and numerous support personnel.  Yet the sales organization, despite its size, was highly motivated, focused, and productive.  Bill had a way of getting the most out of his people and in some cases more than they thought they were capable of.  We sold our business in 2002 to US Foodservice.  We were proud to have Bill represent us and help guide us through compounding growth.

Stephen M. McMullen, MS/MIS, Clinical Information Systems Analyst, Citation Computer Systems, Inc.
MS/MIS, Clinical Information Systems Analyst, Citation Computer Systems, Inc.

I worked with Ann at Citation Computer Systems, Inc. I always felt Ann carried herself as a professional in presentation and actions. She knows her craft.

David A Grove, President & CEO, Jefferson National Parks Association
Jefferson National Parks Association

Ann Prenatt is among my most trusted advisors, standing out for her remarkable ability to comprehend the intricate interpersonal dynamics within both businesses and non-profit organizations. Her guidance remains consistently practical and reliably insightful, demonstrating a deep understanding of the real-world challenges encountered by marketplace leaders. As a coach and ally, she is naturally skilled at creating a disarming environment conducive to producing targeted solutions instead of “cookie cutter” advice. Interactions with Ann are like attending a personalized masterclass on how to lead well!”

Peggy Fisher, Chief Strategy and Operating Officer, The Stelter Company
Chief Strategy and Operating Officer, The Stelter Company

Of all the valuable talent we have tapped, Bill Prenatt stood out for his ability to decipher our company’s culture and strategy quickly and without pretension. Originally hired as a sales coach, Bill’s skill for analyzing the business and inspiring each member of the management team on a personal level opened the doors for a far deeper relationship.
Bill draws upon more than 30 years of business experience to deliver a common-sense approach to decision-making. He is both bold and thoughtful, setting a high standard but also sensitive to the realities of everyday work. Within a few short months, he has helped us set the stage for real change within our company. We feel lucky to have Bill as our sales coach, business mentor, strategic advisor and friend.

Ray Edwards, President and CEO AAIM Employers’ Group

Bill helped AAIM reach extraordinary sales and service performance goals by creating a new level of professionalism for our sales team.  He established valuable sales measurement tools and helped us to set high standards for performance.  He was instrumental in guiding us to select high quality sales representatives and sales leaders for our organization.  He provided crucial coaching to our sales team members to help them achieve greater individual and collective success.  He also provided constructive counsel to senior management with insights gathered from many years of professional sales and executive leadership experience.  Bill has been a good friend and counselor to our organization.

Tom Griffin, President Griffin Personnel Group
President Griffin Personnel Group

We originally engaged Bill Prenatt of Simply Successful to examine our family owned business and make suggestions on how we could increase revenues. Bill quickly assessed our situation and offered efficient, effective solutions that reduced our operating costs and increased sales. I would quickly recommend Bill Prenatt and Simply Successful to any business owner who is looking to increase the return on their investment by working smarter. Bill is able to draw upon proven strategies he has used over the years and show you how to apply them to your situation. He enjoys helping individuals achieve their goals and he makes the journey enjoyable.

Bob Herdler, Principal Symphony Financial
Principal Symphony Financial

As a result of our working together, Bill helped us better understand how to work as a team, each with our own well-defined roles, and grow our business.  Now we have an Organizational Chart, Operational Standards, and an effective internal Communications System.  We also have systems to identify prospect priorities, develop existing customers into client, and retain Key Clients. Bill is genuine and passionate about helping people succeed in career and life.