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Learn to THINK and ACT like an entrepreneur.
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Simply Successful

Whole Brain Leadership System

We customize coaching, consulting, and training to equip business owners to lead with balance, mindfulness, and accountability both in business and personally. By focusing on MINDSET, COMMUNICATION, and SUSTAINABILITY, clients learn to think and act with their whole brain and go on to achieve remarkable, breakthrough results.


Clients learn to shift their mindsets and think with more openness, creativity, and possibility through growth mindset techniques.


Focusing on communication skills helps leaders better connect, collaborate with, and empower their teams toward breakthrough goals.


Embedding sustainable practices leads to long-lasting positive impact, both for individual wellbeing and business performance over time.
bill and ann prenatt simply successful

Bill and Ann Prenatt
Founders, Owners
Simply Successful, LLC

About Us

Driven by a passion for helping others succeed, Bill and Ann Prenatt draw from decades of experience and their professional successes.

Working in concert, they take a customized approach to offer an uncommonly powerful ability to help their clients tackle the mounting “growing pains” of business. The result is the kind of success that entrepreneurs know is possible but struggle to achieve.

While their depth of expertise allows them to solve complex problems, their methodology is simple. Long-term success is the goal; they work methodically with principals and their teams while transferring knowledge to key players. They then continue as coaches while the business team capitalizes on their potential.


What Makes Us Different


For decades, we have helped complex organizations operate more effectively by addressing people-related challenges.

Partner with us to capitalize on your potential and achieve the success you know is possible.
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Whole Brain Leadership System

Our customizable process helps individuals become better leaders in work and life. You'll learn to solve complex problems by balancing logic and emotion, establish best practices, and develop new habits.

One-Stop Resources and Tools

Enjoy instant, free and 24-hour access to our Whole Brain Leadership Library of curated books, videos, articles and websites from highly acclaimed thought-leaders around the world.

Track Record

Our proven strategies have been key in increasing annual revenues from $100 million to $280 million in one case, and from $6 million to $12 million over three years in another.

Customized Services

Eliminate standard cookie-cutter packages that don’t fit your organization. Our a la carte services intentionally provide you with specifically what you need, when you need it.

Team of Experts

Since 2008, Simply Successful LLC has engaged a diverse community of independent experts who provide a wealth of skillsets beyond the scope of the typical consulting firm.

No Contracts

No need for long-term commitment with cumbersome subscriptions or contracts. We believe in pay-as-you-go services that produce ongoing results.

Learn to Lead

With Your Whole Brain

In today’s fast-changing world, relying on old methods just doesn’t work anymore. That’s because the challenges we face are complex and constantly evolving. But there’s a powerful tool we often overlook: our perspective. It’s time to tap into that, using what we call “Whole Brain Leadership.” This approach upgrades how you think, making you better equipped for today’s unpredictable environment.
With “Whole Brain Leadership,” you’ll learn to quickly adapt to industry shifts, confidently navigate through uncertainty, and see challenges as opportunities waiting to be uncovered. Instead of being stuck in old, linear ways of thinking, you’ll discover new paths for growth that others might miss.
Imagine leading your team with a clear vision, even when things seem chaotic, and making decisions that keep you ahead of the curve. This isn’t just about adjusting; it’s about transforming how you lead to thrive in a world where change is the only constant.
The future favors the bold – and we are here to embolden strategic thinking itself. Are you ready to explore Whole Brain Leadership and pioneer progress?

Testimonials and Accolades

Clients love what we do for them!
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Mark S. Wrighton, Chancellor, Washington University

I worked closely with Ann Prenatt when she served Washington University as Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.  She is a problem solver, as demonstrated by sensitive and caring resolution to many complex personnel issues. She is an excellent listener and able to understand all sides in working to bring a good outcome from human conflict. An impressive administrative leader, I valued her wise counsel on a myriad of issues, and I always learned  something of value from our interaction.

Stephen M. McMullen, MS/MIS, Clinical Information Systems Analyst, Citation Computer Systems, Inc.
MS/MIS, Clinical Information Systems Analyst, Citation Computer Systems, Inc.

I worked with Ann at Citation Computer Systems, Inc. I always felt Ann carried herself as a professional in presentation and actions. She knows her craft.

Stanley Allen, President, Allen Foods, Inc.
President, Allen Foods, Inc.

Bill’s vast knowledge played a huge role in the changes that took us from a very entrepreneurial company, to one that maintained the previous culture, yet was able to grow and expand with careful planning and targeting.  Bill grew our sales organization to in excess of 100 sales people and numerous support personnel.  Yet the sales organization, despite its size, was highly motivated, focused, and productive.  Bill had a way of getting the most out of his people and in some cases more than they thought they were capable of.  We sold our business in 2002 to US Foodservice.  We were proud to have Bill represent us and help guide us through compounding growth.


Whole Brain Leadership Library

Free Resources and Tools

Enjoy a targeted collection of insightful books, systems & processes videos, websites, and articles to help you and your organization achieve excellence in selling and leading.