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Imagine if your business had access to a trusted alliance of leadership expertise.

The concept of an alliance of specialized leaders developed from our advisory focus on problem-solving. Rather than turn away from a particular business challenge, we welcome every opportunity to serve our clients with effective solutions. Often this requires a concentrated expertise beyond our scope. Rather than abandon our clients, we harness the talents and skills of trusted colleagues to collaborate with us.

In 2008 we founded Experts4Entrepreneurs, a community of experts. Since then, e4e has provided valuable resources for countless small businesses. To complement e4e, in 2020 we created the Whole Brain Leadership Team to concentrate on the critical thinking power needed to succeed in today’s world.

Meet the Team of Experts

The Whole Brain Leadership Team of Experts

Unlike ordinary agency services, our Whole Brain Leadership Team provides expert coaching from experienced and like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs. With our proven and curated assessments and coaches, individuals perform at a higher level.  They develop critical thinking skills that help them anticipate challenges, and manage and think differently.
When they expand their capacity and lead with their whole brain, they experience amazing growth in confidence and proficiency. Managers start to think more deeply, make better decisions, and lead differently. Relationships are more effective, and a culture of achievement is born.
Lead with Your Whole Brain

Bill Prenatt

Simply Successful, LLC

Bill is an accomplished sales leader who specializes in driving rapid business growth, having grown annual revenues from $100M to $280M for a midwestern firm and propelled recent sales success for a manufacturing company from $6M to $12M in 3 years. Leveraging his corporate experience, he founded Simply Successful, LLC to share his passion for mentoring professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations on how to maximize their potential and achieve transformative results.

Now, Bill is capitalizing on his business knowledge to help people develop their entrepreneurial mindset. By researching and curating material from thought leaders around the world, he has designed the Whole Brain Leadership Library to help his clients achieve more potential with less time, energy, and effort.


Ann Prenatt

Simply Successful, LLC

As the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources at Washington University, Ann served as a member of the senior leadership team and led a team of 53 human resources professionals. They focused on the development, design, and delivery of strategic support and services for the University’s faculty and staff. Ann has a quiet determination to help organizations function at higher levels by solving problems related to the human side of the equation.

dale furtwengler

Dale Furtwengler

Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge helps companies gain a sustainable competitive advantage by:
  • Consistently, and accurately, predicting their customers evolving needs.
  • Positioning themselves to meet those needs ahead of their competitors.
  • Attracting more of their most profitable, and enjoyable, customers while repelling time wasters.
  • Getting better returns on their marketing dollars, while improving their close rate.
  • Being compensated well for the value they provide…in good times and bad.
  • Finding simple, inexpensive, easily-implemented solutions for themselves and their customers.
glenda woolley

Glenda Woolley

5 Star Leadership LLC

What if you could tap into your greatest motivations, dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results? Everyone you encounter is motivated differently, communicates differently, and views tasks and relationships differently. The John Maxwell DISC Profile assessment will help you achieve greater success when you learn to value your strengths as well as those of others.

Deanna Phelps-Simply Successful

Deanna Phelps

The Hadron Group Inc.

Do you believe it’s possible to restore and reenergize a low functioning workgroup into a “dream team?” Imagine aligning and leveraging brain strengths with tasks, increasing productivity, having more fun and experiencing effective and respectful communications. Since 1992, time-tested practical neuroscience tools and coaching deliver powerful and immediate results.

derlene hirtz

Derlene Hirtz

You Empowered Services

Tailoring holistic, transformative coaching to individuals to unlock their unique potential. Every coaching session is customized to cultivate a success-oriented mindset aligned to achieve personal and professional goals and to empower individuals toward their highest potential.


Cynthia Correll

Visual Arts & Communication Architect

Cynthia Correll is an award-winning mixed-media artist and a creative entrepreneur, known as the Communication Architect. By simplifying information with the use of visuals, she successfully communicates complex ideas.

In her thought-provoking and whimsical work, she combines art, logic and structure to inspire and entertain the viewer. By generating more harmony and joy in the world, she hopes to motivate social reform. Cynthia naturally looks to the future, confronting traditional ideas by tapping into her instinct for embracing change and seeing possibilities.

She is author of the national-award-winning, five-star book The Land of Ampersand: Where Imagination Runs Wild.


Kara Gamber

KDG Digital Marketing Experts

Most entrepreneurs and business owners THINK they have a revenue problem… when they REALLY have a reputation problem. The digital world is rapidly changing and simply having a strong offer no longer ensures your message will reach your intended audience. Getting attention requires intentional, pinpointed, and strategic marketing. Our forward-thinking solutions help clients get the right leads, generate more revenue, and Steal the Digital Spotlight™.

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