unexpected issues

Fighting Too Many Fires

Do you find yourself struggling to achieve desired results due to unexpected issues?  We can easily find ourselves in a state of constant overwhelm due to last minute surprises. 

We don’t necessarily make our best decisions and get our most promising results when we are constantly firefighting.  We don’t need to live our lives, nor do we have to run our businesses, being bombarded with issues that we haven’t been able to anticipate.

Developing Effective Work Teams

Developing Effective Work Teams

In order to develop an effective work team, those in leadership must understand the role of individual private logic (also called paradigm) for how each person sees the world and his/her role in it. Additionally, in order to gain willing participation, leaders must consider how best to influence each team member. Sales and management expert,…


Everything is Easier When You Think

Why do some people with talent achieve mediocre results while other less talented people are remarkable achievers? People that achieve their potential use their heads and they measure success by the difference they make! Yikes…aren’t we brain washed into thinking that success is defined by the money we make.  This is true for some people,…