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FAMILY BUSINESSES: How will your leadership team build sustainable personal and business growth?

Get your team the tools and experts they need to perform at their peak and overcome daunting challenges.

What Is Whole Brain Leadership?

In uncertain times, THIS is what we know for sure about family businesses:

When your company struggles, you likely face two main roadblocks:

  • constant change
  • family dynamics

Does your leadership team sabotage its own success without knowing it? How will team members get the tools they need in order to anticipate change and build better relationships?

Family Businesses Family Business Owners
Family Business Owners Family Business Consultants

Like an iceberg, the biggest part of our challenges and their solutions are unseen.

Symptoms are apparent, but we don’t see the root causes. We use only a fraction of our natural capacity to solve the problems we face.

Healthy relationships are the key to productive business systems. We help our clients sustain a culture of achievement and trust. By focusing on personal and professional growth for individuals, we see leaders begin to operate at the top of their game and transform into results-oriented teams.

We blaze a better trail to success.

Whole Brain Leadership Resources provide expert coaching from experienced and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Using proven and curated assessments and coaching resources, we help individuals develop critical thinking skills that help them anticipate, manage, and think differently.

A culture of achievement is born when managers expand their capacity and lead with their whole brain. As a result of their amazing growth, they

  • Think more strategically
  • Make better decisions
  • Lead more effectively
Family Business Owners Family Business Consultants

Over time, we have witnessed remarkable transformations that continue to inspire us. With a better understanding of themselves and a common language, individuals can develop powerful whole-brain leadership skills. Instead of working randomly, family leadership unites to create a culture of achievement and sustainable growth.

Whole Brain Leadership Resources

Bill Prenatt

Simply Successful, LLC

Bill’s methodology as a sales leader was instrumental in growing annual revenues from $100 million to $280 million for a family-owned, midwestern company headquartered in St. Louis. From the earliest days of his career, Bill’s passion has been to serve others well. He helps people and organizations achieve their maximum potential through leading by example, coaching, and mentoring.

Ann Prenatt

Simply Successful, LLC

As the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources for Washington University, Ann served as a member of the senior leadership team and led a team of 53 human resources professionals. They focused upon the development, design and delivery of strategic support and services for the University’s faculty and staff. Ann has a quiet determination to help organizations function at higher levels by solving problems related to the human side of the equation.

Dale Furtwengler

Dale Furtwengler

Teaching Confidence

The best solutions are often the opposite of what we expected. Counterintuitive thinking and confidence are key elements in getting to these solutions quickly. As is your ability to tap into the power of your subconscious mind consciously and at will.

Glenda Woolley

Glenda Woolley

5 Star Leadership LLC

What if you could tap into your greatest motivations, dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results? Everyone you encounter is motivated differently, communicates differently, and views tasks and relationships differently. The John Maxwell DISC Profile assessment will help you achieve greater success when you learn to value your strengths as well as those of others.

mary kutheis

Mary Kutheis

MCK Coaching

Successful business owners never settle for good when they can be exceptional. And exceptional businesses need skilled and inspiring Leaders. The evolution from Owner to Leader is built on the framework of the E3 Shift: Effective Priorities, Emotional Intelligence and Exceptional Teams

stephen hager

Stephen Hager

The Hadron Group Inc.

Do you believe it’s possible to restore and reenergize a low functioning workgroup into a “dream team?” Imagine aligning and leveraging brain strengths with tasks, increasing productivity, having more fun and experiencing effective and respectful communications. Since 1992, time-tested practical neuroscience tools and coaching deliver powerful and immediate results.

Will Hanke

Will Hanke

Red Canoe Media

Will Hanke has two passions: supporting our US veterans and helping businesses tell their story online – providing them with increased exposure, more customers, and higher revenues. For over twenty years, his company, Red Canoe Media, has helped mom & pop businesses, startups, and multi-million-dollar companies with their digital marketing strategies.

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About Us

Driven with a passion to help others succeed, Bill and Ann Prenatt draw from decades of experience and their own professional successes. Working in concert, they take a customized approach to offer an uncommonly powerful ability to help their clients tackle the mounting “growing pains” of business. The result is the kind of success that entrepreneurs know is possible but struggle to achieve.

While their depth of expertise allows them to solve complex problems, their methodology is simple. Long term success is the goal; they work methodically with principals and their teams while transferring knowledge to key players. They then continue as coaches while the business team capitalizes on their potential.

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