Lexx Funding, Inc.

Lexx Funding, Inc.

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Lexx Funding, Inc.

Working Capital Solutions for the Small-Middle Sized Businesses

Lexx Funding, Inc. is a privately owned factoring and consulting company, founded in 1997 to help business owners improve cash flow, increase profits, and promote the growth of their company.  Through a funding option called Accounts Receivable Funding, or Factoring, we advance money on receivables as soon as the invoice is generated.   This gives you, the business owner, the money to pay payroll and taxes on time, buy supplies at a discount, replenish inventory, produce a new product, strengthen your balance sheet, and most importantly time to work on growing your business.

Our niche is the company that cannot get a bank loan at this time, due to many reasons, such as being a new company, a company that doesn’t have the necessary collateral, a company that has used up its line of credit, or a credit rating that is not the best. 

If you are a business owner who is tired of waiting for your money to come in, we can help you get immediate cash to pay bills, and have the money to go after new business.  We are extremely flexible to each company’s financial need. Call us today @ 636.458.2612.

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