Balance Life & Work

Bright Ideas = Balance Life & Work: Work expands to fill the available time (Parkinson)

The most effective step that leads to better balance is to give up the thinking that we have 'control' over what happens in our everyday lives.  We make choices about the people we bring into our lives and the things that we prioritize and think about.  We make decisions about what to do and what to avoid.  We take responsibility for the consequences of our actions or the things that we ignore...but we are not in control!

 We connect the dots that can prevent and reduce negative stress

According to Dr. Ken Dychtwald, "the pace, stress, and pressure of modern living have reached near-lethal proportions.  For the first time in human evolution, our physical and mental systems are just not hearty enough to withstand the incredible pace of living we impose on them:

1)  Contemporary lifestyles are extremely hectic

2)  We now spend most of our time on mental activities that involve very little movement or exercise

3)  Most people are ill-prepared to effectively manage and cope with mounting negative stress

Positive stress is essential for movement, growth, and productivity.  As the level of stress increases, individuals are overwhelmed by the amount of negative stress in our lives.  Negative stress can begin to create a host of mental and physical problems and symptoms.

The stress management minded individual learns to take steps to reduce the amount of stressors or strengthen his or her internal supports in order to handle greater amounts of stress without having to experience distress.

Adapt to Change Better

Change is a good thing!  Welcome it...embrace it...look forward to it.  You might be surprised at what kind of opportunities lie in the 'winds of change'.  Often the fear of the unknown holds us back from anticipating and enjoying the good that comes with change. 

How well we accept change is a choice.  Whether or not we adapt to change is a choice.  Change itself is not a choice.  Change will happen with or without your participation and permission.  We can either opt in or opt out.  What's the risk it in making change or is it in not making change.  Just decide on your own before it decides for you!

Save Time

Unlike money, time comes to all of us in equal amounts.  Everyone has all of the time there is -- 24 hours. We often confuse our inability or our unwillingness to prioritize as a 'time management' problem.  We tend to spend our time on the things that we do well and enjoy.  This approach may lead to great short term happiness, but it seldom leads to long term health & prosperity.  There is always a way to make the time to prioritize the things and the people that are important in our lives.

The 'enemy' of living a balanced life is the tyranny of the urgent. Moving from being busy to becoming productive is not a matter of improving how we are organized .  The keys to improving our return on time spent lie in better preparation, planning and proper goal setting.

 Balance Family and Business

Which is most important?  The answer to this question is a paradox because they are mutually exclusive and one isn't chosen over the other.  When we are unable to find balance between the two, it is usually because we are unwilling to change our perspective.

We often spend enormous amounts of time and energy doing exactly those things that keep us unwell and that give us the least pleasure.  No matter what a person's situation, a variety of improvements can be made in order to enhance health and well-being.


Coping with Loss or Grief

Sometimes 'ugly' things just happen to us or to the people that are important to us in our lives.  As difficult as it may seem sometimes, the first step toward recovering our lives is to accept the suffering.  In order to return to a new normal, we must 'take charge' of our destiny.


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