Website News Release June '10

Website News Release June '10

Website News Release June '10


Local Expert: “Get Big Business Results on a Small Business Budget”
Today’s small business owners have to learn faster, manage better and sell in a more competitive environment, all with a tighter budget than before.  Making that happen is what Simply Successful LLC is all about. Resources are being offered through their web site, newsletters, seminars and the newly formed Experts 4 Entrepreneurs. Family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs can now apply big business expertise to their small businesses and get better results. Bill Prenatt, co-founder of Simply Successful is a man on a mission.  Bill has decades of experience in a variety of roles in both large and small business. His skill and perspective makes him uniquely qualified to provide meaningful direction and support.
“The current business environment presents unprecedented challenges for small and family businesses” says Prenatt. “Today’s entrepreneurs now have to get up to speed faster if they’re going to succeed. We are committed to helping them learn faster, manage better and sell more.” He goes on to say, “Small business owners tend to fail because they lack the skills, time, and resources to compete, and they try to do everything themselves.”

What makes Simply Successful unique is the availability of various consolidated resources, starting with the web site Entrepreneurs need to be able to invest time, identify key problems and apply effective solutions. “Our site is designed to provide information that will help entrepreneurs build their skills in managing their businesses without the risk.” Says Prenatt. “The content is designed to provide self analysis and principles that can be applied without outside assistance. We’re available, of course, to help with the heavier lifting.” Other resources include the newsletter, which will often use guest contributors who bring other disciplines to the table. The events calendar provides an easy way for people to see what’s happening in the local business community.

Making entrance on the scene is “Experts 4 Entrepreneurs,” newly formed by Bill Prenatt. “e4e is a great way for business people to get help without having to invest a lot of time. I see an opportunity to present peer to peer resources to cash-strapped business owners. We offer a variety of resources, providing expert advice that can be immediately applied. If people want to formalize a working relationship with any of our experts, we’re happily available to help, but there’s no obligation.”

With four decades of success in training and implementation, Prenatt is well equipped to offer the advice of a sage advice to business owners. Stanley Allen comments, “Bill was our Vice President of Sales at Allen Foods, Inc. With his sales leadership we were able to grow our business from 100 million when he joined us to 250 million when the company was sold to US Foodservice. Bill is an inspirational and talented leader and teacher.”

Although small businesses face daunting challenges, there are very good reasons for entrepreneurs to have confidence that they can thrive. Bill says, “Small business owners have an advantage in this economy, because they are able to respond more quickly to their customers’ needs than their larger competitors. They simply need to learn to take advantage of the help that’s out there, and implement solid plans.”
Experts 4 Entrepreneurs will start hosting small business seminars in the fall of 2010. More information can be found at
Expert advice is available through regular newsletters at no charge through the Simply Successful web site:  Bill Prenatt can be reached by email or by phone: || 636-484-0208

NOTE TO EDITOR: Bill Prenatt is available for interview.

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