SLCEC Seminar

SLCEC Seminar

SLCEC Seminar


St. Louis Enterprise Centers
June 2010 Seminars for Success


Bill Prenatt, co-owner of the sales consulting company Simply Successful is presenting the first of a two part series on growing business.

The first part of the series on June 22 & 24 will focus on how to use the new Simply Successful web site as a tool to develop your own sales system.  Topics will include:
    • Developing realistic sales goals
    • Investing wisely in selling time
    • Connecting with resources and potential customers
    • Anticipating and handling resistance to the sale
    • Developing a system to manage prospects

Later in the year, Bill will focus on how to supervise getting sales through other people on your team.

St. Louis Enterprise Centers provide entrepreneurs with affordable office and warehouse space, shared support services, access to expert mentors, professional seminars and valuable networking opportunities.  Home to nearly 50 client companies, the Centers are strategically located throughout the region and offer a variety of options designed to accommodate a broad range of business needs such as office, warehouse, kitchen, light manufacturing, distribution and laboratory spaces.  Each center also is equipped with specific use and multi-functional space.

To find out how your company can become a St. Louis Enterprise Centers client company go to their website


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